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Established in 2006, Mountainside Farms is the first U.S. milk processor to bring the whole new category of UltraPureTM milk to market. Combining environmentally friendly business practices with innovative technology used in the processing stage, Mountainside Farms produces purer, better-tasting milk that is free of added hormones and antibiotics, with improved shelf life. An affiliate of family-owned Elmhurst Dairy, Inc., New York City’s largest milk supplier, the company offers a premium product at a price that is close to that of conventional milk.

Mountainside Farms knows the benefits of pure sources and understands that the purer the milk is before it enters processing, the more wholesome and better tasting it will be for consumers. Their UltraPureTM milk is produced at the company’s Roxbury, NY facility in the Catskill Mountains, an area which supplies much of New York City’s drinking water. As such, our facility is held to very strict environmental standards.

To ensure that the finest quality, purest milk reaches their facility, Mountainside Farms tests each shipment of milk to ensure there is no antibiotic residue in any of the milk it bottles. Specifically, Mountainside Farms tests for the presence of eight different antibiotics. These include the beta-lactum, tetracycline, and sulfanamides families of antibiotics. This goes beyond what State and Federal regulations require. Most unique is Mountainside Farms’ advanced filtration and clarification technology in addition to pasteurization to improve the purity of its milk which the company has trademarked as UltraPureTM. This allows Mountainside Farms to deliver a product with improved taste and shelf life.

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Mountainside Farms produces UltraPureTM milk available in Whole, 2% Reduced Fat, 1% Lowfat and Fat Free. Priced at retail at approximately $2.69, the new milk began rolling out in July 2006 and is now available at select grocery stores such as Gristede’s, Food Emporium, A&P, Foodtown, D’Agostino and Associated Supermarkets.

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